Will you join us for the ride at Summer Writing School, 2018?

Registration for Summer Writing School has only been open to the public for a week and already one third of the places are booked. A number of these are students from last year. We asked some of them why they wanted to do it all over again. This is Elizabeth’s reply.

“I attended the summer writing school last year, and it was different from any other workshop I’ve gone to before. The variety of writing styles and forms to explore was incredible, and I was exposed to other types of writing that I’d never even thought of trying before. The focus on certain aspects of writing, such as character building, helped me hone my abilities in those areas, while other lessons taught me about different structures of creative writing, such as songs and script-writing, that I never knew how to
approach before.

It was an amazing experience, and meeting with other young writers from all over the country was such a treat! I would highly recommend it to every aspiring young writer, whether you’re a poet or working on a full-fledged novel. I hope to see you there!”


Elizabeth is a Year 12 student in 2017. Her writing has been published in ReDraft and Write On.

Don’t miss out. Book your spot now. 


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